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Who we are

HUMINT COE is an agile and resilient International Military Organization, providing quality support to NATO. Acting as a hub of HUMINT expertise, the Centre permanently seeks to enhance the HUMINT capability in NATO, in conjunction with stakeholders and various communities of interest within NATO HUMINT Enterprise. HUMINT COE chairs the NATO HUMINT working groups, acts as custodian for HUMINT doctrines, conducts research and development projects and manages HUMINT Lessons Learned and Best Practices. In the area of Education and Training, HUMINT COE is appointed as Department Head for HUMINT and delivers a large portfolio of certified courses as a NATO accredited Education and Training Facility.
As part of the transformational effort of the Alliance, the NATO Military Authorities Intelligence Coordination Group (NMAICG) indicated shortfalls and difficulties in the use of HUMINT in theatres of operations, lack of properly trained HUMINT personnel, as well as the lack of a NATO doctrine and a validation exercise based on common standards.

One of the answers to the problem was the establishment, in 2004, of the NATO Human Intelligence Working Group (NHWG), vested with the appropriate expertise and authority to coordinate the development of HUMINT doctrine and policy and to establish guidelines and interoperability requirements for HUMINT operations in NATO theatres of engagement.

Additionally, it was established the need of an organization able to offer to the Alliance the operational/strategic expertise for HUMINT development, to test HUMINT tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), to develop specific projects, to evaluate technologies, equipment and systems for HUMINT operational structures.

The establishment of such an organization within NATO, had to fall in the legal framework established by MCM 236-03 (Military Committee Concept for NATO Centres of Excellence, 04 Dec 2003) and IMSM 0416-04 (NATO Centres of Excellence Accreditation criteria, 11 June 2004), and to undergo the following process:

1. Forward of the official offer to establish a COE, along with the COE Concept;
2. Create the multinational COE with an Initial Operational Capability (IOC);
3. Establish and sign the Functional MOU with HQ SACT, and the Operational MOU with Participating Nations;
4. Accreditation of the COE as a NATO Centre and its activation as an International Military Organization (Paris Protocol);
5. Achievement of the Full Operational Capability (FOC) – performance as a COE.
Romania had taken the opportunity of exploiting its commitment in the HUMINT field, launching the offer to establish and host, as Framework Nation, the NATO HUMINT COE.

Along with other nations, Romania has been present with HUMINT forces in Theatres of Operations, providing an essential support to local NATO commanders and significant experience to be used to the benefit of the Alliance. Therefore, NATO SCs (ACT and ACO) have fully supported the initiative.

After receiving the NATO formal acceptance, Romania has decided to set up the HUMINT COE nucleus in Oradea city.
During the following negotiation process in 2009, 5 NATO Nations have joined together – Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey, with a confident outlook on further members.

Later on in 2010 and 2011, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic joined to the project.

06.11.2012: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA signing ceremony of NOJs to NATO HUMINT COE MOUs (the joining process finalized on 6-th of FEB 2013).

15.01.2016: The designated representatives of the Sponsoring Nations signed the Revised Memoranda of Understanding of the NATO HUMINT Centre of Excellence.


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