Webbing leadership and communication in human engagement – HUMINT Bootcamp

Published on March 27, 2024

In the period 18-22 March 2024, NATO HUMINT COE (HCOE) hosted the fourth iteration of the HUMINT Bootcamp event, with the topic “Webbing leadership and communication in human engagement”.
The activity was supported by HCOE partner organizations – National Defence University „Carol I”, Romanian Defence Intelligence Training Centre “General Nicolae Condeescu”, Land Forces Academy „Nicolae Bălcescu”, National Intelligence Academy “Mihai Viteazul”, University of Defence from Brno, DRESMARA, and the Department of International Relations and European Studies from the Faculty of History, International Relations, Political Sciences and Communication Sciences, University of Oradea – and consisted of a series of briefings, practical activities and creative workshops that engaged more than 30 students and mentors in a challenging exchange of ideas.
Bootcamps are learning programs where content is aggregated, or bundled into short, intensive and rigorous curriculum (also referred to as accelerated curriculum). The HUMINT Bootcamp organized by HCOE capitalizes on this approach and adapts it to the current needs: out-of-the-box thinking and various perspectives are stimulated to produce an innovative methodology and develop original solutions for the proposed topics.
Contemporary trends and challenges in leadership, multidimensional models in communication (inter- and intra-generational, inter-gender, and inter-cultural dynamics), and cultural dynamics in verbal and non-verbal communication were the main themes of the event this year, and provided the subject of the proceedings book that will be published this year by HCOE.
Thus, the HUMINT Bootcamp would mark its contribution to a particular understanding of the organizational environment, leadership in human engagement, and the significance of intersectionality in communication at all levels.