Romanian Defence Minister, Mr. Angel TILVAR visited HUMINT COE

Published on May 23, 2023

On the 18th of May 2023, the Romanian Defence Minister, Mr. Angel TILVAR visited the NATO HUMINT Centre of Excellence.
The Centre’s staff presented him the HUMINT COE mission, current and future projects, as well as the facilities that create the proper environment for a sound education and training experience in the HUMINT domain.

Highlighting the important role of the HUMINT COE, Minister TILVAR stated:
“Hosting the HUMINT COE by Romania was a result of the outstanding results obtained by the Romanian servicemen in the Intelligence missions conducted in the NATO theatres of operations.
We are aware of the projects that you are running and directly interested for you to achieve all your objectives. You can count on the full support of the team that I lead at the top of the ministry.
By establishing the HUMINT COE in Oradea, Romania took on an important mission in an essential area for the development of the Alliance, taking into account the security challenges emerging in the Black Sea region.”