HUMINT COE : Department Head for HUMINT Education & Training in NATO

Published on March 4, 2020

Education and Training (E&T) activities in the HUMINT COE follow the NATO core principles in this domain. They are based on doctrines and standards (thus, complying with the agreed fundamentals and guidance for employing NATO assets to achieve strategic aims), and serve transformation imperatives, by supporting the continuing process of transformation through adaptation of curricula, to introduce new concepts and capabilities.
E&T relies on a coherent and quality-based management system, to guarantee that the planned and systemic approach to building, maintaining and improving the execution of educational activities is aligned to the required standards. HUMINT COE has successfully revalidated the NATO accreditation requirements, demonstrating a sound quality assurance and control at various levels.
The HUMINT COE comprehensive educational portfolio (available online in the NATO Education and Training Opportunities Catalogue – ETOC) answers NATO requirements in this specific domain.
Beside its function as NATO accredited E&T provider, HUMINT COE was appointed in 2015 as Department Head (DH) for HUMINT E&T in NATO. In order to ensure a coordinated answer to the HUMINT and inter-disciplinary E&T requirements, DH leads a specialized community of interest in NATO, connected to the NATO HUMINT Working Group and other relevant entities that can support its projects.
Our standing efforts in the HUMINT E&T are oriented towards:
– maintaining relevance, by aligning the educational portfolio to the evolving needs of NATO;
– continuous improvement, as an enduring quality process covering the course content, faculty development, and administrative & support aspects;
– implementation of modern technologies and innovation, in order to meet modern learners’ expectations and improve the educational experience.